Set on the west coast of British Columbia the tiny sea stacks stand up to all sorts of harsh winter storms.  Even though the seas actually carve away at the rock formations to continually shape these bits of rock the trees and foliage continue to thrive and flourish.  As this piece emerged on the canvas it grew to become a favourite of mine.

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  • Hi Elizabeth,
    Enjoyed talking to you at the Park and Tilford art show.
    Your website is wonderful! John and I have scrolled through and there are many of your paintings that ” speak” to us. We obviously all share a love of the outdoors!
    I have taken many photographs of our Denman island property ( especially sunsets) that we would like you to have a look to see if you could paint one of them for us. We would need a large canvas for our dining room wall.
    John and I were wondering if you and Dave would like to come over for a beer, glass of wine, tea (or? ) . You could see the space ( for the painting), and have a look through some of my photos to choose one with colours to compliment our decor. John and Dave could ” catch up” on many years since they last visited.
    We are free tomorrow afternoon ( Sunday, the 8th) or any time it works for you.
    We look forward to seeing you both soon.

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