Find Me 30 x 30 acrylic on canvas

September 18, 2020By Elizabeth AustinAbstract, Painting No Comments

Without a specific plan, this piece organically grew as I felt my way through the lines and shapes.  The brush found colours that established pathways for the eye to follow and spaces for the eye to rest.  The painting lightens up, is less structured and becomes more etherial as the viewers eye rises up towards … Read More

Rising 30 x 30, acrylic on canvas

February 12, 2018By Elizabeth AustinAbstract, Painting No Comments

The king tides we have experienced recently inspired this piece.  The moon is largely responsible for the movement of our earthly tides. Placed close to the horizon, the moon had such a beautifully large presence in the sky.   Lighting up the sky and looking a little artificial, the moon is a radiant glowing ball … Read More