Located between Bowen Island and the West Vancouver shoreline is a 33 acre island called Passage Island.  It is a very unique setting for the residents who live there as it is off grid living.  With no public docks, no roads, no electricity and no shops, it is accessed only by private boat.  In an effort to conserve energy, there are rarely any lights shining at night but every once in a while a light or three can be seen shining across the water.  From my vantage point Passage Island sits at the entrance to Howe Sound and has the backdrop of a big sky behind it.   For much of the year the sun sets behind Passage Island and the sunsets are stunning beautiful, hence the inspiration for this painting.



  • Elizabeth,
    Very much enjoy your work which I have only seen online. Is it possible to see your work on person?

    • Hi Terry, Thank you very much for your kind words. I have 4 small pieces at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island in the Curated Collection from now until the end of July. My other work, including Passage Island is in my home. I live on the North Shore if that is convenient for you. Cheers, Elizabeth

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